The Story

boatinteriorIn 449 AD a group of Portuguese men and women of all ages were captured as slaves for the ruthless Irish Chieftain, Dubhthach. After their capture they were put aboard an Irish pirate ship and embarked on a hazardous sea-crossing before eventually landing on the Wicklow shores

Scene One

The theatre falls into darkness, we hear the orchestra, choir members walk in cloaked holding candles and the opening song begins. The sounds of ocean waves splashing and the low hum of the choir members are heard, a small boy’s hand is seen clinging to the rocks as waves splash against it. He is small, drenched by the ocean and exhausted – a young woman moves forward to help him. There are people oating face down in the sea while others struggle to stay afloat, soldiers dressed in period Celtic garb roughly assembling the captives into lines. We see a close up of another young woman crying inconsolably, holding a young girl who appears lifeless in her arms.